Spider-Woman Variant Numbering Schematics 1-25

The variant numbering schematics begin with the original cover concept from Spider-Woman 9 that was rejected by Marvel due to creative differences with writer Marv Wolfman. Then it continues to follow variant cover and storyline concepts the Amazing Spider-Man title and begins with ASM194 when the Black Cat concept was brought over seven months later where it was developed and introduced. I wanted to follow the developed concept from ASM and create a variant cover and storyline concepts for SW. From there I started following other cover and storyline concepts from ASM and other titles. So I ended up putting them all together in Variant-Edition.com.

As far as following a numbering schematic, I decided to begin with the variant cover and storyline concept starting with ASM194. Because of the seven months gap in the publishing dates between SW9 December 1978 and ASM194 July 1979, two ASM titles may correspond to one SW title because of the bi-monthly publication between May-June 1981 (SW38) to May-June 1983 (SW50). When the Spider-Woman title ends at SW50 the numbering continues and starts following ASM242. So SW51 begins following variant cover and storyline concepts from ASM242 with the publishing date and the corresponding issue number. Occasionally other variant cover and storyline concepts from other titles may be used and the numbering will follow the publishing dates that corresponds with ASM title. Also variants from new and other titles with follow its own corresponding numbering.

Also see Numbering Schemactics from Other Titles.

SW Date ASM Date Variants and Concepts
1 APR 1978 Color Variant,
Unpublished Color Variant,
Epilogue Variant
2 MAY 1978 Color Variant, Splash Variant
3 JUN 1978 Color Variant
4 JUL 1978 Color Variant
5 AUG 1978 Color Variant, Epilogue Variant,
Burgos Variant
6 SEP 1978 Color Variant
7 OCT 1978 Color Variant
8 NOV 1978 Color Variant
9 DEC 1978 194 JUL 1979 Color Variant, Splash Variant, Black Cat Variant 1,
Black Cat Variant 2,

Black Cat Variant 3,
Black Cat variant 4
10 JAN 1979 195 AUG 1979 Color  Variant, Intro Character Variant, Black Cat Variant
11 FEB 1979 196 SEP 1979 Color Variant
12 MAR 1979 197 OCT 1979 Color Variant
13 APR 1979 198 NOV 1979
14 MAY 1979 199 DEC 1979
15 JUN 1979 200 JAN 1980
16 JUL 1979 201 FEB 1980
17 AUG 1979 202 MAR 1980
18 SEP 1979 203 APR 1980
19 OCT 1979 204 MAY 1980 Splash Variant, Black Cat Variant
20 NOV 1979 205 JUN 1980 Black Cat Variant
21 DEC 1979 206 JUL 1980 Wiacek Pin-up Variant,
Femme Fetale Variant
22 JAN 1980 207 AUG 1980
23 FEB1980 208 SEP 1980
24 MAR 1980 209 OCT 1980
25 APR 1980 210 NOV 1980
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