Spider-Woman Variant Numbering Schematics from other titles

Occasionally other variant cover and storyline concepts from other titles may be used and the numbering will follow the publishing dates that corresponds with ASM title. Also variant cover and storyline concepts from new and other titles will follow its publication date and corresponding numbering.


SW Variant Title Issue Original Title Date Variants and Concepts
1 (vol4) Spider-Woman
Cho Variant, Benes Variant, Turner Variant
32 MSO
Color Variant
Avengers Annual 10 Avengers Annual Layton Variant
New Avengers 15 New Avengers Roadkill Variant
Dark Reign Spider-Woman 1 Dark Reign: The Sinister SPider-Man Dark Reign Spider-Woman Variant
Secret Wars 8 Secret Wars Spider-Woman Variant
Spider-Woman and Tigra 3 Spider-Man and the Black Cat Evil That Men Do Variant
Arachne TM Spider-Woman 1 Peter Parker TS Spider-Man Spider-Woman and Tarantula Variant
MTIO Thing and Spider-Woman 30 MTIO Thing and Spider-Woman Color Variant
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