Spider-Woman 2 Color Variant

This classic piece from Cockrum is one of my old time Spider-Woman favorites. I had to rebuild the background since a part of it was blacked out for the banner. This is how I imaged the original was finished.

In this color variant, I tried a new technique of using one fill layer with two sub-layers of clipping paths for the red and yellow of SW costume. This enabled me to use the same midtone, shadow and hightlight (other sub-layers) layers for both colors. I added color to the Excalibur character and I was able to consolidate layers reducing the file size from 500MB down to 150MB. The tricky part is with the consolidated layers, I need to make a selection for each of the colors when applying tones. Here I've added color to the Magnus character and toned down the colors from the original.

See Numbering Schematics for Spider-Woman. Also see Numbering Schemactics from Other Titles.


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