Spider-Woman 9 Black Cat Variant 1

This is my first attempt coloring Comic Book art with Photoshop. The artwork is from an unpublished cover of Spider-Woman #9 by my favorite Spider-Woman artist Carmine Infantino with Steve Leialoha on the inks. It was a challenge coloring this piece because I did not have a wacom tablet yet. It was all done with mouse clicks. The highlights were a bit weak and the overlook was a little muddy. I re-did the shading when I got the tablet.

I completely refined the shadows and highlights and added midtones. After using the tablet a while, I've used practically no blurs to soften strokes.

I emailed Marv Wolfman asking if he had any other concept sketches of the Black Cat that was intended for Spider-Woman (40s Femme Fatale-slouch hat and black dress), I got a response indicating that the cover was the only sketch. Though I was disappointed when I read from his BLOG that he was never happy with the stories and never enjoyed the book, I've recreated the cover and I'm finally letting go of this obsession for the time being. Unless I can get someone to work with me on the 40s Femme Fatale concept ;)

From this cover concept, I started variant covers using ASM and other titles to create a variant storylines for Spider-Woman as to continue her comic title after issue #50. See Numbering Schematics for Spider-Woman. Also see Numbering Schemactics from Other Titles.


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