Spider-Woman 9 Black Cat Variant 1b

This was the start of my Black Cat obsession. I found a low res scan on the web and I immediately resketched to the comic cover size and hoped one day to ink it. I ended up coloring the low res scan instead. This was my first attempt coloring Comic Book art with Photoshop. After mocking it up and printing a proof in color I didn't understand why it was rejected. Then I found out Marv Wolfman had a falling out with Marvel over creative diferrences and ended up leaving and bringing the concept with him to the Spider-Man title. I thought to myself if Marvel had given more priority with the Spider-Woman title (like the Spider-Man title), it would had been more successful. That's when I started creating recreations/re-imaginings using the finish concept of the Black Cat introduced in Spider-Man 194. That's where Spider-Woman 9 would restart and continue on following the Spider-Man title with its stories and concepts. Similar to the "What If" title where Spider-Woman takes over the life of Spider-Man or an alternate reality where Spider-Woman rules. :)

Well after a few years it's finally inked via Manga Studio.

Cover is after Infantino and Leialoha.

See Numbering Schematics for Spider-Woman. Also see Numbering Schemactics from Other Titles.


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