So I've finally returned to one of my early aspirations of youth of becoming a comic book illustrator. I remember in junior and senior high school, I would include my comic book illustrations in most of my projects. Many of these projects included the Spider-Woman character and other original characters I'd created. I think my senior high school art teacher kept most of my work. He was actually the one who guided me in pursuing a career in art. Unfortunately I did not follow my aspiration of becoming a comic book illustrator, instead I went on to art school and studied Graphic Design. I ended up working in the Commercial Art/Advertising Industry for over 20 years as a Graphic Designer and Production Artist.


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I started my carreer as a Graphic Arts Photographer for a type house in San Francisco and then moved on to a publishing company as a Production Artist. Then I started doing design work for the same publishing company and the Macintosh revolution happened and it started changing the whole industry. I also became a Freelance Designer and started designing and art directing projects for a few clients that included an Italian television company, a real estate company, a boxing promoter, and a book publisher. I also had an opportunity to work for a major advertising firm in San Francisco on a freelance basis for a few months. Then, I was then hired by a major financial corporation working in the Marketing Department as a Designer.




As the Graphics Industry became computerized, I started learning more about the technology and how hardware and software works. I started becoming more familiar with operating systems, various types of hardware and software, servers, networking and infrastructure. As I was upgrading a small macintosh network for the financial corporation I was working for, the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of the company read my upgrade proposal and wanted to talk to me about it. He was impressed with my proposal and my knowledge of technology and the Macintosh Platform that he offered me a position with a new department (Technology and Development) he was starting. I knew this was going to take me further away from art and graphics but thought it would be a great experience. So I accept the offer and worked in the Technology and Development group as a (Senior) Systems Ananlyst for the next ten years.

When the financial corporation I was working for was acquired by a larger corporation, I decided that I would go back and pursue my youthful asperation of becoming comic book illustrator and work freelance as a graphic designer as well. Other interests I'll be pursuing include contemporary music (writing and producing), choral music, and linguistic work.