All pencill art work are done on bristol smooth, 100lb, 11x14 or 14X17 sheets. For pen and ink work, the pencil artwork is scanned and imported to Manga Studio software where electronic pen and ink work is done. Coloring is done using a photo imaging and illustration software on either Macintosh or Windows platform. An electronic file will be provided for all pen & ink and color work in the original file format and .jpg format. Also, prints for pen & ink work are available on photographic paper, and color prints are available on fine arts paper.


COVER   |   SPLASH   |   PENCILS   |   INKS   |   COLORS


11x14 (8.5x11 image area): for pin-ups and/or 2 to 3 characters.
single character image no background:
Pencil sketch $25.00, with pen & ink $50.00, with pen & ink and coloring $75.00
Add additional character +$10.00 (2 additional characters max) , add simple background only +$5.00.

14x17 (10x15 image area): for covers, splash page and/or regular page.
single character image no background:
pencil sketch $50.00, with pen and ink $75.00, with pen & ink and coloring $100.00
Add additional character + $20.00, add simple background + $10.00, add detailed background +$25,00

Photographic Prints: for pen & ink work.
Photographic paper $11.00 to $13.00.

Color Print Sample: for color work.
Prints using Epson Ultachrome inks on fine arts paper $20.00 to $35.00.
Prints on HP Color Laser printer on coated paper $5.00.

Enquire about recreations and re-imaginings of your favorite cover.




Commission Terms and Agreement:
All artwork are done on a pre-pay basis only. Payment is non-refundable unless the artist cancels the commission. Shipping and handling (requires Priority Mail or FedEx) charges and CD/DVD burning charges for pen & ink and color work will be added to above costs.

Payment Options
PayPal payments will be accepted and a service charge may be applied. Other payments options will be indicated and replied to purchaser’s enquiry.

Commissioned work may take up to an estimated 2-4 weeks to complete upon receipt of payment (and/or after a purchaser’s check has cleared) and depending on the schedule of other commissions. Please consider other variables beyond artist’s control, including artist's freelance schedule, it is impossible to determine exactly when a commission will be completed and delivered; delays may occur.

By commissioning artwork, the purchaser obtains only a physical copy of the artwork (pencil work) and electronic files on CD/DVD for pen &ink and color work and/or photo print (pen & ink work) and color print sample based on the price list above. No other rights are indicated and/or acquired by this transaction, including rights of reproduction. All rights, including copyright rights, right to license, right to authorize publication of the artwork by any other party for any reason are retained by the artist with no duty of accounting and further obligation from purchaser of commissioned artwork. The artist is not responsible for damages to the artwork due to handling by Priority Mail or FedEx.  

If you would like to commission artwork, please email artist at: josh(at)