ebay Auctions
The following artwork will me made available through an ebay auction soon. Type of artwork will range in recreations, reimaginings, original work in pencil sketch and/or pen & ink.


COVER   |   SPLASH   |   PENCILS   |   INKS   |   COLORS


11x14 (8.5x11 image area)
(Items will soon be listed)

14x17 (10x15 image area)
(Items will soon be listed)




Auction Terms and Agreement:
Auction terms and agreement will be governed by ebay Auctions. (Go to ebay.com for detailed terms and agreement.

Payment Options
Auction Payments will also be governed by ebay and Paypal. (Go to ebay.com and/or paypal.com for detailed payment option inforamtion.)

Artwork will be shipped Priority Mail through USPS worldwide and shipping and handling charges will be determined at the close of an auction. Shipping costs will range from $10.00 to $20.00 depending on weight and location. Best efforts will be made to secure packages and keep shipping cost minimal. Not responsible for possible damage cause my mail service.

If you have any questions about an auction, please email artist at: josh(at)variant-edition.com.